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The most personal communication platform ever.

Message friends and coworkers, get exclusive content from your favorite celebrities, stay up to date on current news, and blast out content to build your own network.

Private messaging like never before.

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Message Privately

Cyber Dust allows you to communicate freely and honestly. Send and receive text messages, stickers, links, photos, videos and more. Your messages are protected from screenshots and disappear after they are read. They are heavily encrypted and never touch a hard drive- not even our own. Once your messages are gone they are truly gone forever never to be recovered.

Blast to the World

Engage with your followers by blasting to everyone and receiving private personal responses. Build a following around a team, industry, interest or location. Cyber Dust makes it easy to connect, share, get feedback, be inspired and inspire others.

Cyber Dust is available worldwide in 15 different languages.

Gone Forever

Messages never hit a hard drive, so when they disappear, they disappear for good.

End-To-End Encryption Photo

Messages are heavily encrypted and cannot be monitored. Not even by the Cyber Dust team!

Detect Screenshots

Be notified if a screenshot is taken and don’t worry- your name and information will never appear on screen in a dust room regardless. Cyber Dust also prevents screencasting.

One Place For All

Cyber Dust is free and available world wide on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

Receive exclusive blasts from accounts you follow. Share your own great content, make connections, build your own audience.

Build a Following

Create group dusts to share and collaborate with your friends and followers.

Welcome to the community

Welcome to the Community

Every month we deliver tens of millions of secure messages. It’s like digital face to face communication between working professionals, business executives, celebrities, athletes, lawyers- and you.

Whether you want to connect with people who share your interests, follow influential figures for their insider advice, strike up your next business deal, or just chat with your friends off the record, Cyber Dust easily allows you to do all of this and more.

Cyber Dust Messaging Model

Cyber Dust is the next evolution of communication. Why? Because unlike other social communication platforms, we guarantee that ours is 100% private just like a normal face-to-face conversation between friends. So whether you're sending a Dust to one person or sending a Blast that goes out to every follower in your network, our dusts provide absolute discretion and can never be recovered once they're gone. We've achieved this in two ways: heavily encrypting each dust sent and never writing your dusts to permanent storage. Dusts and Blasts only exist in memory, permanently vanishing from existence no more than 100 seconds after they're read or after 24 hours if they go unopened. Also, every message is protected with its own unique 128-bit AES encryption which is further secured by an RSA 2048-bit key. And that's it: for total private and secure communication, Cyber Dust is the only solution.